How to Install a Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is straightforward to construct. It requires basic tools and intermediate skills. Building a fence for a standard-sized yard takes at least two days spaced about a week apart. The work will proceed more quickly if you enlist a partner for the project.

How to install a chain link fence.


How to Stain a Fence

Reignite the glow of cedar boards by learning how to stain a fence. Refreshing a fence with stain is easy. It requires just two basic steps: cleaning and staining.

Stain a fence to protect the wood from rot.

Wood stain comes in various hues and opacities. All protect wood from the elements while allowing the wood’s natural grain to show through.


How to Design the Perfect Privacy Fence

Do you need more privacy in your yard? Installing a privacy fence is the usual way of guarding a yard against unwanted attention. Not all fences are created equal when it comes to cutting off the gaze of people on the street or next door.

privacy fence

A lattice-topped cedar fence provides privacy and style.


5 Ornamental Touches for Your Garden

A garden gnome atop a picket fence.

A gnome brings humor and fun into a garden.

Late winter is the ideal time to plan for yard and garden projects. The landscape may be dormant, but gardeners’ imaginations are fertile. While you’re thinking of new flowers and vegetables, don’t forget about the purely ornamental touches. The best gardens mix natural and manmade elements. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Choose the Right Picket Fence for Your Home

Picket fences have been gracing American yards since Colonial times. The early fences were probably made from whatever wood was readily available. The open design stretched resources because the pickets alternated with open space. The slats only needed to be close enough to keep animals, and possibly kids, from getting in or out of a yard.

A white picket fence is a classic look.

White picket fences have a classic American look that hark back to colonial times.

Picket fences have become a symbol of domestic happiness. Aside from symbolism, though, these classic fences are versatile and practical. A picket fence can be dressed up or down, made fancy or remain unadorned.

If you’re looking for a fence that doesn’t block the view, the open design and short height of a picket fence may be the answer. Before you decide on a style, consider the following variations on this popular theme.


Wood Fence Winter Maintenance Tips

Are you looking for ways to extend the life of a wood fence? Winter weather in the Pacific Northwest is hard on all types of structures. Months of wet weather leaves its mark.

A damaged split rail wood fence is seen in a snowy winter landscape.

Repairing a wood fence as soon as you notice damage extends the life of the fence.

Whether your fence is cedar, pressure treated or some other type of wood, it will last longer if you take simple precautions.

Heads Up!

Storms blow through Oregon and Washington all winter long. Rain, wind, snow and freezing conditions cause tree branches to break and debris to fall.