Make the Grade With a Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is seen at an ocean-front property.Chain link fences are versatile. They’re used to secure property, surround athletic fields and add style to backyards. They’re great at keeping kids and pets from straying into the street, or wildlife from invading a garden. Chain link comes in a variety of strengths and styles. It takes a bit of research to find the right type of fence for your needs.

At Pacific Fence, we work hard to make sure our customers find the right fencing for their projects. This summary of chain link fencing types will give you an idea of the variety of fencing available. Contact us if you need more information about our fences.

Enhance the Appearance of a Chain Link Fence

Privacy Chain Link FencingChain link fencing is practical and sturdy. It’s one of the most popular fencing options on the market today, and you will commonly see them around playgrounds, sporting fields, schools, and yards.

While they are functional and strong, chain link fences may also provide a slightly more industrial aesthetic than some homeowners or business owners in Portland, OR would necessarily prefer. Here are some simple techniques that can transform your fence into a truly beautiful part of your property.


Best Types of Fences for the Pacific Northwest

Fence ReplacementWhen building a fence, it’s important to consider the styles of fences available to you. Regional weather will expose fences to different elements, all of which can have an effect on your fence’s integrity and appearance over time.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we face several different environmental forces; in particular, rain and wind. Wood in particular requires maintenance, as this material is porous and subject to rot, moss growth, and other issues. However, fence structure can help to make the most of this climate and help you maintain your fence for years to come.


6 Decisions to Make Before Building a Fence

bamboo gateTop Things to Decide On + Research Before Hiring a Contractor

When starting on a fencing project for your Portland home, a bit of forethought can go a long way.

Taking these simple steps before embarking on your project can help prevent any surprises down the road.

Answering these questions can also help your fencing services company in Oregon provide you with the perfect framework to complement your house.


Decide on the Primary Function for Your Fence

While most fences will ultimately serve more than one purpose, pinpointing your primary purpose will help you make important decisions regarding materials and layout.

For example, maybe the main purpose for the fence is to keep your dog in the yard, and the second purpose is to frame your garden. Recognizing the primary need for containing your dog helps you figure out the necessary height and strength of the fence. After you’ve decided on those essential elements, then you can start thinking about ways the fence can aesthetically complement your garden.


Never Worry About Whitewashing Your Picket Fence Again When You Choose Vinyl Fencing

White Fence During AutumnTom Sawyer may have made whitewashing a picket fence sound fun, but many homeowners know better—the tedious work is nothing to look forward to. If you’re tired of spending hours in the sun whitewashing your home’s picket fence, then there is good news! If you choose vinyl fencing, you’ll never have to worry about whitewashing your fence again. Vinyl fencing has many advantages for homeowners, including: (more…)

What’s the Best Fence for Dogs?

The best Fence for Dogs depends on breed and personalityUpdated November 2017

If you’re like many dog owners, you’re concerned with both ensuring your pup gets all the exercise he needs as well as keeping him safe when he’s outside. Luckily you can do both if you’ve got a yard where you can build a dog run fence—but you should give careful thought as to what kind of fence for dogs you should use. So what’s the best fence for dogs? Take a look below for popular types of fencing for dogs so that your furry friend stays where he should and doesn’t go wandering off. (more…)

Best Types of Fencing for Horses

horseOwning or boarding horses requires planning, space, and a firm commitment. When it comes to fencing, there are several factors to be considered, including terrain, budget, maintenance, and appeal. At Pacific Fence & Wire Co., we encourage horse owners to do their research to ensure that their equestrian fencing is built with the right materials and to the proper height. Here are our suggestions for the best fencing options for horses.


Wood is a durable, classic, and long-lasting option for agricultural properties. Posts and rails made from this material can be stained, painted, and customized to your preferences. Keep in mind, however, that wood deteriorates over time and under constant exposure to the elements. To extend the life of a wood fence, use a quality paint or stain. Furthermore, expect some regular maintenance. (more…)

20 Ways to Repurpose Bicycles into Fences

In Portland there are two things people love dearly: Bicycles and Recycling. So what happens when these two worlds collide? Check out the 20 photos below of bicycles magically repurposed into fences and gates. These bike fences are both creative and ingenious ways to put an old bicycle back to good use.

bike-gate bikes-framed-in-frame bikes-in-a-field-fence bikes-on-wall bike-wheel-fence bike-wheels-short-fence bike-whels-garden-fence fence-posts-and-bikes GE DIGITAL CAMERA green-bike-fence hanging-bikes lots-of-black-bikes-fence low-bike-fence purple-bike-wheels-fence red-bike-fence small-bikes-fence tendem-bike-gate bicycle-gate-red bike-frames-in-fence bike-frames-only-fence

Do you have a bike fence of your own? Send us your picture and we will include it in our list.